Issue II / 2021

On 10th September 2021 in an extremely complicated epidemic situation for the whole world and in particular for Bulgaria, we managed to conduct the Sixth in a row International Conference of the Balkan Association for Roman Law and Roman Legal Tradition (Societas pro Iure Romano S.I.R.).
It was organised by the Administrative Council of the Association, the team of the Faculty of Law at Sofia University IUS ROMANUM project and the Centre for Legal Sciences at Burgas Free University. It was our great hope till the last moment that the conference would take place offline on the Black Sea Coast with the enthusiastic cooperation and kind hospitality of Burgas Free University, but unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic and the health care authorities provisions only days before the conference opening we were compelled to and met online on the Zoom platform as well as on our specially designed YouTube channel and on the specialised site of The conference was one of the most remarkable scientific events in Bourgas welcomed both by the Rector of Burgas Free University Prof. Galina Hristozova and the Head of the Centre for Legal Sciences, Prof. Maria Neykova who is also a regional governor of Bourgas, by the Mayor and the Chairman of the Municipal Council of Bourgas and the legal community representatives in the town. Similarly to the previous year, our initiative was supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia as well. An inauguration speech on the topic was presented by prof. Mario Fiorentini from the University of Trieste, Italy – one of the renowned Romanists with special interests and publications on the so called “marine theme”. Next came the public presentation of a newly published book – the habilitation work of Prof. Maria Ignatovich from the University of Nis, Serbia, who is also a member of the Administrative Council of the Association, entitled “Roman marine law”.