Issue - Special/2019

On May 30, 2019 was held for the first time organized by the Circle of Roman Law at the Faculty of Law of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”competition on the topic“ The Right to Life ”with the title in Latin“ IVS VITAE. DISPVTATIO PRIMA “. The competition was aimed at discussing major current legal, social and political issues and events related to the right to life and starting in Ancient Rome and representing public and scientific interest today. The first phase of the competition consisted of preparing an essay on a topical and related issue. It is commendable that eight freshmen wrote essays on issues related to the right to life. Freshmen were given the opportunity to present their essays briefly, defending their main ideas and concepts.

The Commission, taking into account a number of criteria such as: unambiguous expression of a personal position provoked by the problem raised; connection of the problem with the context of the exhibition; using
appropriate language tools and handling of legal terminology to achieve persuasiveness and impact; ability to interpret different aspects of the problem; building an in-depth, logically consistent and meaningfully related argumentation; building a logical and associative organization of the text, determined as winners in the competition respectively: in the first place - Alexandrina Yancheva; in second place - Ekaterina Pavlova; in third place - Alexander Stoevski. ISSN 2367-7007 IUS ROMANUM DISPVTATIO PRIMA Page 3 of 97 The second form of participation in the competition was giving a legally reasoned speech on a topical issue related to the topic
The right to life. The speeches of the participants in this competition were prepared in advance for the jury and the audience, and the speakers had more than a month to prepare, consulting with the assistants in Roman law in connection with the choice of topic and its presentation to the audience.

It was a great challenge to give a legally substantiated speech to the extremely large audience and the jury, which evaluated the performance of the participants. The jury, which evaluated the public speeches, was represented by outstanding professionals in their field, audience speaking specialists and friends of the Roman Law Circle. Each speaker was given ten minutes to present his speeches. The speeches of the young participants caused quite a serious response among the audience and became an occasion for long discussions. After a long interview, the jury decided to award Svetlin as the winner of the competition
Ivanchenko, who undoubtedly best argued his thesis and his topic corresponded to the maximum extent to the title of the competition, namely "The Right to Life". In second place was Stefan Karaleev, who captivated the audience with his calmness, persuasiveness of his suggestions and his ability to speak to the audience as a real speaker. In third place the jury put Tsvetelina Lazarova, who showed courage and determination to face the audience with the difficult topic of defending the ban on it.