Welcome to the website of the new electronic journal IUS ROMANUM!

IUS ROMANUM is the first Bulgarian journal, dedicated to the study and research of Roman Law and Roman legal tradition in contemporary law. The journal's manager and editor-in-chief is Prof. Malina Novkirishka – Stoyanova, DSc, who teaches Roman Law in the Law Faculty of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". The Council of Editors consists of more than 50 members, including lecturers from different departments in the Sofia University and distinguished academics from the whole world, who have expressed their support for the initiative and have provided help in terms of submitting their own articles, presenting the journal on scientific forums, attracting new authors etc.

The online journal IUS ROMANUM is issued by the Law Faculty of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". The authors, whose articles are published, are lecturers and researchers with interest in Roman Law and Roman legal tradition not only from the Law Faculty, but also from other Bulgarian and foreign universities. Since 2016 the journal also publishes works written by the members of the newly-founded Balkan Association of Roman Law and Roman Legal Tradition "Societas pro iure romano". The languages, in which the articles may be published, are Bulgarian, Italian, English, French and in exceptional cases Spanish.

The journal's purpose is to study and present the different aspects of the incorporation of Roman legal norms and principles into the contemporary legal systems, to outline the way in which modern-day legislation and legal culture was influenced by the Roman legal tradition. The journal also gives the Bulgarian audience the opportunity to familiarize itself with this subject. Every issue is dedicated to a specific topic and includes articles, which are relevant both to its Roman and to its contemporary legal aspects. Issues of the journal are published twice a year, once in June and once in December.

The journal is part of a project for the development of academic activity in the Sofia University which is financed by the national budget. Thus, most of the articles published are in Bulgarian. This, however, doesn't mean that only Bulgarian authors are given priority. Every author, who wishes to have their article published in the journal, can explicitly state whether he wants it published in the original language or translated in Bulgarian. Each article must be accompanied by a short resume in the respective original language and in English, as well as information about the author – their position and academic title, interests of research, shortlist of published works, post and e-mail addresses.

Articles that are sent for translation in Bulgarian before publishing must also be accompanied by the author's explicit agreement for the translation, as well as information about the original publication of the article (if there is one) and the copyright of the respective publisher.

For complete information about the requirements for publishing, check the respective page on the journal's website.

Any articles sent for publishing undergo a check to see whether all requirements are met. They are afterwards sent in an anonymous form to be reviewed by two external peer reviewers, chosen by the manager, which are typically among the members of the Council of Editors. The reviewers must be experts in the scientific area, to which the article is primarily related, and they also must be representatives of universities that are different from the university, represented by the author of the article. The reviewing procedure and the Table for external peer review are the same for every author and are explained in detail on the respective page within this website.

Articles are allowed to be published only in case of a positive result from the external peer review.

We wish the best of luck to the new project of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"'s Law Faculty – the online journal IUS ROMANUM, which aims to present the Roman legal culture and tradition in front of Bulgaria and the world!